• Rules & Regulations
  • Discipline
  • Traffic & Library

1. Use of Slang language is strictly prohibited.
2. Students are not permitted to carry mobile phones and MP3 Players and PSP Devices inside the school premises. Such device if caught will to summarily confiscated.
3. It is mandatory for all students to wear proper uniform as prescribed in the uniform code of the school.
4. Parents cannot meet a teaching staff member without the prior permission of the Principal/ Vice Principal.
5. Any gross indiscipline in the form of truancy, ragging or outrageous/ rowdy behavior and resorting to unfair means and practices in examinations would summarily lead to expulsion from the school.
6. Students are expected to come to school with the required books and notebooks for the day.
7. The school expects the students to be punctual at all times.
8. It is mandatory for all students to attend the morning assembly.
9. It is mandatory for all students to have a minimum of 75% attendance. Promotion to the next class, amongst other factors, depends upon a minimum of 75% attendance.
10. Leave of any kind must be followed with a leave note in the diary duly signed by the Parents/Guardians and doctor's medical certificate. Leave without prior information of more than fifteen days at a stretch would automatically lead to the student's name being struck off the School Records.
11. Students are not required to carry valuables like money and jewellery to school. The school would not be responsible for any theft or loss.
12. Students are expected to maintain cleanliness within the school and must keep the Toilet area clean. Any student caught either dirtying /damaging school property or littering around would be fined and warned.
13. Any further repetitions of the same offence may lead to expulsion from the school.

1. Every student must read the manual carefully and follow the instructions.
2. He/She must carry the manual to school every day, failing which - * Child could be barred from attending Classes. * Parents could be called to school.
3. Irregular attendance, habitual request for leave, obscenity (Verbal or by action) insubordination to teachers, any kind of cheating are serious misconduct, even outside the school premises or any behaviour objectionable to the tone of the school are sufficient reasons for the expulsion of a pupil.
4. All students must reach the school by 8:25 am and leave only when the classes are over.
5. All pupils should be habitually clean and neatly dressed. Hair should be well trimmed and oiled.
6. Any distractions like Henna, Fancy watches, Bracelets, earrings, nail paint, hair colouring etc. are discouraged in school. Low waist trousers are strictly prohibited.
7. Students should bring their books and other requirements according to their class time table.
8. No books, newspapers, periodicals, transistors, pen drives, CDs or any electronic item should be brought to school without the approval of the principal.
9. Students have a new habit of indulging in e-cigarettes. Parents must be very careful. Such students may be suspended or rusticated.
10. Mobile phones are not allowed in the school, once confiscated they will not be returned the whole year.
11. Pupils are solely responsible for the safe custody of their books and belongings. Apart from the study material no other valuables must be brought to school.
12. All school property must be handled carefully. No one should scratch or spoil desks, benches, chairs or damage any school furniture. Care should be taken that younger ones are not harmed in any way.
13. Any damage done in class, around the school premises will have to be made good by those responsible for it. The decision of the principal regarding the amount will be final.
14. No collection for any purpose whatsoever including any sort of fine is to be taken and no meeting, demonstration or party may be held without the previous sanction of the principal.
15. Being an English medium school, it is compulsory for students to speak English in the school premises.
16. No child will be admitted to class without a leave note in this manual. In case of long leave prior intimation should be given to the school.
17. Every student must possess an English Dictionary and it must be brought to school daily. A student may be sent home for not bringing the dictionary.
18. Special care must be taken by pupils and teachers to maintain an atmosphere of silence and serious work during class hours.
19. The students found violating the school rules such as : # Habitual late arrival # Home assignment not done # Use of foul language # Improper Uniform # Books not brought # Shouting, Screaming or Whistling # Scratching the walls or Furniture # or any other form of Misdemeanour will be issued a disciplinary warning which has to be signed by the parents. Issue of 3 such warnings may result in monetary penalty, suspension from school, detention or rustication (in serious cases).
20. In school premises, it is compulsory for the students to wear their I-cards.

1. Students are not allowed to ride motor vehicles without valid driving license.
2. Students should park their vehicles in the allotted parking area. However the school does not guarantee security of vehicles.
3. Student must wear Helmet while driving.
4. All visitors to the school campus must ensure that they uncover their faces before entering the school campus.
5. Students must ensure that they keep to their left while moving in the corridors.
6. While moving in : Single line - Girls should be in front of the boys. Double line -Girls should be to the left of the boys.

1. Students are expected to maintain silence in the library and treat the reading material with care.
2. Students should return the library books on time, else a fine of Rs. 2/- per day will be imposed.
3. In case a book is lost, it has to be replaced by the student else a fine of double the amount of the cost of the lost book will be charged.